Friday, January 6, 2012

the worst of 2011

OK now we got the best now for the worst. Like I said in my last post I always remember the worst not the best. The exception to that rule is number one of the best because it is number one and you know why. Also, I am not show pic and the reason why the suck because they don't deserve it. Just play these games and you will understand how piss off I am plating them.

Number five Jurassic Park the game

Number four X men Destiny

Number three Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Number two Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Number one Brink

To the creators who created these game fuck you, quit trolling, and I hope you get hurt really bad in the future. If you think that you can waste my time with these games, you are wrong. And one more thing. Eat a dick!

P.S I want my time of my life you stoled from me. And your jobs because I can do a hole a lot better than you.

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