Friday, January 6, 2012

the worst of 2011

OK now we got the best now for the worst. Like I said in my last post I always remember the worst not the best. The exception to that rule is number one of the best because it is number one and you know why. Also, I am not show pic and the reason why the suck because they don't deserve it. Just play these games and you will understand how piss off I am plating them.

Number five Jurassic Park the game

Number four X men Destiny

Number three Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Number two Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Number one Brink

To the creators who created these game fuck you, quit trolling, and I hope you get hurt really bad in the future. If you think that you can waste my time with these games, you are wrong. And one more thing. Eat a dick!

P.S I want my time of my life you stoled from me. And your jobs because I can do a hole a lot better than you.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The top ten games of 2011

What up gamers Weezzy here ready to do this top ten games of 2011. the first thing I like to recognize is that the first thing is that I like to notice my honorable menchins. these are the ones that could of been on the top ten but these I have not played before; however, I played mostly all the games and I can say these games need a good mention.

Well here we go for the honorable mention

number 5 Saints row the third

this game has a pink sword dildo enough said

Number 4 bulletstorm

enough combos to blow your mind our your opponents

number 3 Motorstorm: Apocalypse

everything is coming at you and you and you are riding on a motorcycle. I say game on.

Number 2 Gear of War 3

this game was a great end to a great trilogy. The only true thing that epic game did amazingly right is AIway really god in this game I mean seriously good

Number 1 halo combat evolved anniversary

now that some one has this game return gave me chills up my spine

For me at least it was hard for me to remember the best games of the year. I mean I do remember the best game game but not the other nine. I mean I thought most of these things came out last year especially my number 10 well here we go 

number 10 DC universe online

This year is a great year in DC and this is the first reason why. As you play in the DC universe you notice that you are playing along side DC super heroes and fight against the Universe biggest problems. may I say more.

Number 9 Portal 2
well Galdos got us again and now we have to get out of the place. I did the first ten puzzles in the game and enjoy all of it of what I have played and I hope you did as well this year

Number 8 Warhammer 40k spacemarine
creating a game that is based on a famous table top game. May I say more

Number 7 Sonic generations
yes this year brings out the 20th anniversary of the legend of Sonic the hedgehog. If you have a problem with this game eat a dick because this game plays like a sonic game

Number 6 Catherine
boy meets girl, boy falls asleep and dose puzzles to prove his love for his girl. I think this boy needs to imagine a gun and kill everybody in the dream world and get with the fine peace of ass. other than that puzzles is hard and it is fun pick this up and you will know how I feel.

Number 5 legend of Zelda skyward sword
If you know the Zelda series you know that they are not bad one at least; however, this game has its take and put you in sky world (hits its name). But this game takes a spin on motion control and it works really really well.

Number 4 Marvel vs Capcom 3
yeah this game made me quit competition in video games all together. but I have so much fun playing this game. It is not like the old one but is really great game to set a squeal from the last one. 

Number 3 Battlefield 3

I always enjoy this series especially battlefield 2142. So when I was playing this I had the heart of the high school realizing that my child in me love and hates this game at the same time.

Number 2 the King of fighters XIII

when I mean they fixed this game THEY FIX THIS FUCKING GAME. Hell yeah this game is better than the last and you know it from the animation of the characters from the engine itself. If you a big fighting game fan pick this game up.

Number 1 Batman arkham city
Original cast for the 90s animated series check
every bad guy out form the butt hole check
improvement of game play form the last one check
I think that is good enough for me. Well I did not go as far if you can play the with the batman mobile but if you win the title of best super hero game ever form every game editor magazine, website, and TV show around the world you will get my approval.

The true side to this is that I played these games and I enjoyed them all. There is one game that not on this list I know everybody should say that it should be on this list but I will give my reason for why later. I hope you understand that I enjoyed all it just some had higher acclaim than others. Note everybody has there own opinion. I just put mines on my blog. Peace out readers

Saturday, December 17, 2011

bad night

You know that feeling when you get when you feel bad, like pain bad. And you don't know what is wrong with you, it hurts then you freak out. And while you are freaking out your blood pressure goes up. So in all that feeling you are having a hour before that you took some spelling pills. Yeah this situation is fuck up you dosing in and out of pain that you think that you might have a heart attack and right now you going crazy. Thank god your mother is a nurse and her cool calm collected mind helped you out during this situation and she know what to do. Oh you did not have that situation last night I did and it sucked. I just putting this in my blog before I go crazy. And one more thing I have to start changing my diet *meme face*. Dam I never thought that I would be in this situation. oh well "time after time"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

this shit belongs to me bitch

the only thing that I learn form that class was that some people that need to be in the hospital stay in the hospital.